Sunday, 24 March 2013


 The Pocket Puncha V2

This is a tweak on the original Pocket Puncha. V2 is an inch longer and has a more forgiving rocker, plus the fins have been moved back a little.
This tweak has resulted in a broad that is predictable but still has the surprises that leave kneeboarders with big grins on their faces.
Set up as a five fin with Fin Solutions fin boxes (FCS style) you can juggle the fin collection till your heart's content.


 The Pocket Puncha

Michael has gone back to the classic Kneeboard shape when he crafted the "Pocket Puncha".
This is a 5'7"x 23 1/2"x 2 5/8" double flyer pin tail.
Although the board has the "classic" outline there has been some major fiddling with the rocker curve.

 This board features the new Tractor Grip orange deck pads.
These are a very soft pad made from an EVA foam with a density of 90 and are more suited for a lighter kneeboarder.
 The board also features a  light weight blank with a carbon fibre strip that gives the board flex and added strength.
First reports back on this board is that it flies and is extremely "flickable". With the recent swells we have had in Queensland Michael spent a day being "shacked" at Noosa. The board truly belongs in the pocket!