Tuesday, 22 January 2013

KSUSA 2013 US Titles and Nee Pro


Nee Pro is very proud to be involved with the KSUSA 2013 US Kneeboard Titles

Photos courtesy of Amanda Taylor. Thanks Amanda.
Special thanks go to all those involved in the organising and running of this competition, and to the competitors who came out in support of our unique sport. 
Joe Taylor with his Nee Pro.

 Jack Beresford 2013 Open men's winner and his new Nee Pro

The Results:

1st- Jack Beresford
2nd- Bill Lerner
3rd- Sam Coyne
4th- Pat Evans

1st- Mark Robertson
2nd- Mike Fernandez
3rd- Sean Noone
4th- Don Harris

1st- Steve Randall
2nd- Eric Peterson
3rd- Randy Morris
4th- Casey Patelski

1st- Kathy Yturralde
2nd- Cynthia Wornham
3rd- Jan Fadden
4th - Linda Reuter

1st - Chris Linn
2nd- Tony Bartovich
3rd- Shayne Dimick
4th- Kai Jennsen

NEE PRO arrival Celebrations

Thanks to Scott for couriering the Nee Pros to The States.