Sunday, 4 December 2011

NEE PRO Model N0 1

nee pro
Model No 1 
5'9" x 23¼" x 2¾"
Quad Fin
Square tail

This has been designed as a small wave board
Square tail for planing across disturbed water.
 Easy to paddle!
Nice Rocker for easy paddling and those late drops

Single Concave into a Vee.
 Quad fins positioned for lots of drive without sacrificing pivot.

Designed in Australia
Hand Shaped and Glassed in Australia
New Model Posting soon


  1. This is one of the most explosive kneeboards I have ever ridden. Its accelerates so quickly that I nearly got left in its wake. Loves to climb the face, really loose but you always feel in control. Excellent board for beach breaks.

  2. the next big thing by the looks of it !!