Saturday, 10 December 2011


Model No 2
Single Flier Swallow Tail Quad

I keep having to tell myself "let it cure".
How it goes, that will have to wait till the New Year.
FINALLY a set of Cove pads and 1-2 foot sloppy surf. How did it go...Brilliant! Like the other Nee Pro boards this has amazing acceleration, very manoeuvrable and fast. Looking forward to a good swell.   
FINALLY 3-4ft Tea Tree at Noosa. This board is fast and loose. I can make sections I haven't even contemplated in the past. EXCELLENT craft.

5'8" x 23" x 25/8"
Single into a double concave

Smooth rocker

This board will sit
right in the pocket.

I can imagine this board absolutely flying in sucky beach breaks.

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